Meet Staci Marshall, Wedding & Events Manager at Brockencote Hall Hotel

Have you ever wondered who the face is behind the smooth operation of each and every flawless wedding at Brockencote Hall Hotel? Meet Staci Marshall, our Wedding and Events Manager. As one of the best wedding planners in Worcestershire, Staci is a vital team member at Brockencote Hall and is responsible for the planning and execution of each of our wedding couples big day! Thanks to Staci we have enjoyed many successful weddings and have created special memories and magic moments for our couples and their guests. If you’re ready to search for venues and wedding planners in Worcestershire why not visit Brockencote Hall Hotel today…

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We had a chat with Staci so you could get to know her a little better. Read more to discover what we found out…

How long have you been at Brockencote Hall?

Officially 2 years in July here at Brockencote Hall.

Personally, I have been in the Wedding Manager and Coordinator role at two other venues since June 2015… How time flies!

How did you get into the wedding industry?

My sister used to waitress at a local venue that would host weddings (Avoncroft Museum) and one afternoon as a 16-year-old I was called in as an extra pair of hands to help out. I learnt so much on that one shift about the behind the scenes of a wedding day and the theatre of it all.

Throughout school and sixth form, I went on to waitress at weddings (Grafton Manor). Where I became a little obsessed with making sure everything was perfect for the wedding couple and going out of my way to adjust every detail. As the bows on the chairs slipped down, I would re-tie them all before the evening guests arrived so it all looked as it had earlier in the day. I would move the wedding cards to the bridal suite so they were kept safe, polish the cake knife and put alongside the cake, top up guest’s glasses with prosecco until empty – Every wedding, I could guarantee there would be one guest that would ask you to have a straw with the bottle… without fail!

I took it upon myself to go the extra mile and I’m sure a lot went unnoticed but it felt good to have things just right each time, I guess also in the hope that one day someone would spot these details and do the same for me.

Why are you so passionate about weddings?

I just want every wedding day for our couples to be perfect, I will do all I can to ensure we exceed their expectations.

My degree is in theatre performance and somehow by doing this, I found that I enjoy knowing every detail, including the suppliers, so that I can be the stage manager for the day and ensure things go to plan, and even have contingencies in my mind if ever needed. I like to think that I can take all stress away from the wedding couple, because they know I have it all covered for them. The process itself, from meeting the couples and seeing them through the planning, understanding what is important to them and celebrating the big day is so special. I think wedding planners are amongst some of the most rewarding jobs… I am so lucky to be in such a fulfilling role!

What have you missed most about Weddings during the pandemic?

The joy of a wedding day, it comes with so much positive emotion! From the nerves before the ceremony with anticipation, the pure love from the couple and their guests leaving the ceremony and then how they celebrate, true to themselves throughout. It’s amazing to see different traditions, stylings, cultures and family quirks along the way, I have learnt so much over the years.

What are you most looking forward to?

The look on the couple’s face when I meet them after the ceremony and get to wish them congratulations. It is such a wholesome moment and I know what it means to them both. It also allows them to take a minute before they can go enjoy the ‘Just Married’ feeling and create memories together.

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Most unusual supplier or idea at a wedding?

Goodness! I have seen so many inspiring ideas.

  • Miniature golf on the croquet lawn
  • Casino tables in the evening
  • A magician
  • A brass band to welcome guests in from the church
  • One bride was a geography teacher so had some flowers made from maps intertwined with real roses!
  • Another wedding had little gift baskets for the bedrooms and a matching one in the toilets. They contained blister plasters, mints, perfume, flip flops – all sorts.
  • My Favourite recommendation / hack for a winter wedding would be ‘Toastie Toes’, which go in your shoes and keep your feet warm. Great for when it comes to photos outside!

Favourite time of the year to host a Wedding at Brockencote Hall?

September, it is warm but not too hot. The sun set is about 7.30pm so feels like evening party time, crack out the sparklers and celebrate.

Seasonal food at this time works so well for the menu and some is even grown onsite here at Brockencote including beetroot and honey.

The hydrangeas in the secret garden are in bloom too!

Most memorable moment as a guest at a wedding?

When the singing waiters made an entrance and continued to perform. Excellent!

wedding planners worcestershire

3 top tips once you are engaged?

  1. Know what atmosphere you want on your day, formal, relaxed, party… helps to know this to plan in a bit more detail later and keep what is important to you.
  2. Go with your heart, just like the proposal…you know when it’s the right decision.
  3. Think about what makes you as a couple special, sentimental things and tie them in to your wedding day. It might be a love for Nandos, peonies and writing letters…meaning you could do flavours of Nandos sauce and some canapes flavoured with this, peonies as your bouquet and table decorations and to your invitations, table names and paper stationary could all look like they are hand written by yourselves to represent your letters, even save the date with pencils for everyone,  there are some thoughtful ways you can bring YOU in to your wedding day.

Quickfire Questions…

Wedding Cake or Cake of Cheese?
Wedding cake, literally the icing on the cake is my favourite!

Disco or live band?
Live band, nothing beats the atmosphere it creates on the dancefloor.

Buffet or cheeseboard?
Ooooh tricky… can I have both?

Prosecco or Champagne?
Champagne, it’s a celebration!

On your midnight bacon buttie – red or brown sauce?
Mmm neither, bacon, butter and if I HAD to have sauce, I’d have BBQ.

If you can picture yourself getting married at Brockencote Hall Hotel and would like to speak to one of the best wedding planners in Worcestershire, call Staci on 01562 777876 or email