Meet our Head Chef, Tim Jenkins: The secret behind our award-winning restaurant in Worcestershire

head chef, Tim Jenkins, at restaurant in Worcestershire

We’re incredibly proud at Brockencote Hall Hotel that our award-winning restaurant in Worcestershire is quite possibly the best in the county, providing a truly outstanding fine dining experience. The Chaddesley Restaurant offers an elegant ambience and delightful food worth returning for, with fresh, contemporary flavours, magnificent views of the countryside, and stunning decor.

Take a look behind the best restaurant in Worcestershire as we speak to Head Chef, Tim Jenkins about his experience, his favourite dishes, and most importantly, the unrivalled skill to produce mouth-watering masterpieces for our lovely guests. Here’s what he had to say:

Going back to the start of your career here, how long have you been in this role?

It’s been 5 years now since I started at Brockencote Hall on 1st August 2016.

How did you get into cooking?

I used to cook at home all of the time. After university, I retrained and worked in local gastropubs. After that, I applied at Brockencote Hall and was hired as a commis chef.

Do you think there was enough advice available when you were starting out?

Brockencote food

It is fairly simple to enrol in a part-time college course. My first General Manager was an army chef who taught me how to organise myself and what needed to be done. I joined Brockencote, where Didier Philipot was the head chef, and I tried to learn as much information as possible.

You’re working at an award-winning restaurant in Worcestershire. How long did it take you to get to the level you’re at now?

I believe it has been 13 years. While in college, I worked in gastro pubs for a few years and then in fine dining for ten years. You have to improve, as I am continually learning new techniques.

Do you believe that enough people are encouraged to teach in schools or enter the catering industry, or do you believe that there is too much emphasis on entering a restaurant?

I think most students aspire to work at the best level possible. I enjoy sharing what I know with all of my chefs. It’s rewarding to watch them grow in confidence and happiness as they gain experience.

What made you choose the hotel sector?

Chef specials

I have always wanted to work with the best produce and deliver great food. It’s nice working with customers with a passion for food and drink and talking about their likes and dislikes. 

I don’t think I would enjoy working in a restaurant as much as I enjoy being in a hotel kitchen. There is always something different going on at the hotel, whether it be an exclusive wedding day, restaurant service, or a menu designed for a special occasion in a private dining room. 

What do you like most about your job?

Essentially creating great food that I would like to eat if I went out. Hopefully our customers enjoy the dishes as much as we do in the kitchen.

So , what does your job entail?

You name it, I have probably done it. Plumber, electrician, councillor, accountant, oh and a chef! There is never a dull day in the kitchen.

What would you advise for someone looking to follow in your footsteps? Do you have any top tips?

Have a good memory and taste absolutely everything.

What are you looking out for on a CV or in an interview if someone was applying to work with you?


Passion. If they have additional experience outside of their previous employment then that’s a bonus. Going on internships to the best restaurants demonstrates that they are eager to learn and enjoy what they do.

If you could go back and do anything differently would you?

I’ve always said I’d never regret anything since everything happens for a reason, but looking back, I think I would have loved to do a few more stages when I was younger.

Describe your cooking ethos in 4 words 

Seasonal, fresh, tasty, local.

What is your favourite dish to cook at home?

Not really a dish, but a family BBQ is great fun. Cooking should always be fun!

What dish would you cook to impress?

Wellington always goes down well with family, friends and customers alike. I do like a venison wellington with a juniper jus.

Favourite ingredient to work with?


Over the last few years I have enjoyed working with whole animals. It’s challenging to research and come up with methods to utilise all the individual muscles and offal.

Favourite local ingredient?

It has to be the one that is nearest to us. Asparagus from Harvington is only 200 metres up the road, and is delivered one hour after we call in the morning, so it makes it onto the lunch menu. When it’s that fresh, the flavour and texture are incredible. Brockencote’s gardens are also coming along beautifully.

Finally, are there any words of wisdom for someone cooking at home?

I’d suggest sticking to the recipe, being organised, and weighing your ingredients beforehand. Practice makes perfect, so taste everything before putting it on the plate and get to know your oven. My mother always wonders how I make my Yorkshires, but I cook at a different temperature and time at home than at work, and I’m sure it’s even different in my mother’s oven. Most importantly, have fun and cook what you enjoy!

A big thank you to Tim Jenkins for taking us on his culinary journey and enlightening us with his wisdom. 

At Brockencote Hall Hotel, we take pride in delivering food excellence. Our seasonal menus are designed to work with nature to create flavorful, innovative food, so try one of the best places to eat in Worcestershire and take a look at the dining on offer.

For an outstanding meal at our award-winning restaurant in Worcestershire, book a table for lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner to experience the incredible creations that Tim will so meticulously prepare.